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Standard  Indonesia  Rubber  [ SIR ]


Indonesia natural rubber producers has long history in rubber product and tire makers. Many global companies has invested and continue to grow in Indonesia. Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Achilles, Dunlop, has settled their plan to capture both domestic and international markets.

TSR  : [ Technical Specifications Rubber ]

SIR   : [ Standard Indonesian Rubber is Technical specifications originated from Indonesia ]


Similar Grade Natural Rubber TSR from other country :

SIR        [ Standard Indonesia Rubber from Indonesia ]

SMR      [ Standard Malaysia Rubber from Malaysia ]

STR       [ Standard Thai Rubber from Thailand ]

SVR       [ Standard Vietnam Rubber from Vietnam ]

The move away from visual grading to technical specifications originated in Indonesia in the 1960s with the "Standard Indonesian Rubber" ( SIR ) scheme. This prompted producersin other countries (notably, Malaysiaand Thailand)to develop similar technical specifications for grades."Technically Specified Rubbers" (TSR) - that is, rubbers graded on the basis oftechnical parameters - now account for the bulk of traded rubber.

Standard international contracts for such rubber were first adopted by the InternationalRubber Association at its inaugural meeting on 24 September 1971.

Available Quality Grades : SIR 3 L ~ SIR 10 ~ SIR 20

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